Sponsorship of the 10th World Congress of Itch

The International Forum for the Study of Itch (IFSI) is a not-for-profit, multidisciplinary, international association dedicated to improving the understanding and treatment of pruritus for the benefit of suffering patients worldwide. Membership is open to clinicians, researchers, scientists and other health professionals engaged in the research and treatment of itch.

IFSI distributes current information and new developments in pruritus research not only to its members but also to the wider international medical community and the public at large through various media. Significantly, IFSI conducts the World Congress on Itch every second year where researchers from various fields present their latest findings. On 17-19 November 2019 the 10th World Congress on Itch will be held at Dockside, Darling Harbour in Sydney Australia. Sponsorship packages are now available for this prestigious event. Please click on the link for further information on what packages are available.

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